A Virtual Tour of Historical Sources of Venice 

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The 16th Century
War and Peace
The Arsenale and the preparation for war I
The Arsenale and the preparation for war II
The Arsenale between the loss of Candia and the conquest of Morea
Venetians and Greeks
The sixteenth-century Arsenal debate I
The sixteenth-century Arsenal debate II
Techniques and knowledge
Baldissera Drachio: a technician in the service of the Republic
The sixteenth to the seventeenth centuries: a difficult recovery
The Image and the City
The Arsenale and the fleet in the late sixteenth century
After the victory of Lepanto

The War for Candia
War and Peace
Candia: technicians and engineers I
Candia: technicians and engineers II
Candia and the preparation for war
The myth of the Crusades
Candia: army and nations
Candia: the composition of troops
Candia: the local militia
Candia: the feudal cavalry
Venetians and Greeks
The privileges of Candia
Giacomo Foscarini: biographical details
The 'Ordini' of Giacomo Foscarini
Salt provisioning
Water control
Cartography, technicians, images of the territory
Family virtues
Candia: the Venetian rectors face the local powers
Candia: taxation and territory
The Image and the City
Defending Candia
Giulio Savorgnan and the defense of Candia
Candia: the hundred cities
Chania: the urban fabric
Rethymno and the representation of the city
The image of Siteia

The Defense of Corfù
War and Peace
Corfù in Venetian Mediterranean politics I
Corfù in Venetian Mediterranean politics II
The institution of a military school on the island of Corfù in the eighteenth century
Army reform in the eighteenth century
Venetians and Greeks
Corfù: the use of the territory
Corfù: the Greek and Latin churches
Cephalonia: cartography, description of the site, and security
Andrea Marmora, loyal subject
The Provveditore Generale of the islands of the Levant
The Image and the City
Corfù: the Levant and defensive architecture I
Corfù: the Levant and defensive structures II
Corfù: urban policy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Corfù: the centre of the Ionian
The fortifications of Cephalonia
Zante: urban policy

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