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The Arsenale between the loss of Candia
and the conquest of Morea


Some thirty work schemes reflecting a whole new range of enterprises sprang up in the years between the loss of Candia  and the conquest of Morea . There was clearly an attempt to reorganise the army, and Francesco Morosini was the central figure in this effort, culminating in Capitoli e ordini ('Capitals and orders') by Alessandro Molin, the Provveditore Generale  on the mainland (1700), which contained the regulations of the cavalry and the infantry. Another decisive turning point was the initiation of construction of the first Venetian line-of-battle ships. The goals of the Arsenale were explicitly set forth in the Senate  deliberation: the need for better control of the Levant territories subject to Venice, and defeat of the Turkish fleet that 'has no expertise'1 in the construction of ships, and 'does not have commanders who are intelligent, and does not have crews that are good at guiding them'2. More solid resistance against barbarian piracy was also needed, but the central aim was to 'receive respect and veneration from the world'3, by regaining the international acclaim it had once enjoyed.

1 'non ha perizia'
2 'non ha comandanti che sappiano, non ha equipaggi che vaglino a ben dirigerle'
3 'raccogliere dal mondo rispetto e venerazione'

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