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After the victory of Lepanto




The victory of Lepanto  did not lead to structural alterations in the architectural outline of the Arsenale . Gerolamo Campagna was instructed to re-arrange the fifteenth-century 'porta magna' ('ceremonial portal'), and moved the statue of Santa Giustina to the tympanum, employing two winged victories as well. An inscription was placed on the trabeation of the portal, which read 'Victoriae navalisi monimentum MDLXXI'. This seems to allude directly to its underlying concept, for the actual monument is not that mentioned in the celebratory inscription, but is instead the complex of the Arsenale itself. It is likely the inspiration for the project came from Marc'Antonio Barbaro, Provveditore of the Arsenale  on several occasions from 1575 to 1585.

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