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Army reform in the eighteenth century

The structure, composition, and training of local and Venetian militia , the discipline of minor officials and soldiers, the relationship between soldiers and local civilians, and finally, the risk of desertion, were all serious problems for the administration of the Serenissima . Here too the mid-eighteenth century turned out to be a crucial moment for reflection and planning. Provveditori generali  like Agostino Sagredo, Francesco Grimani, Giacomo Nani, and Nicolò Erizzo continually urged the Venetian Senate  to adopt measures that would alleviate difficulties in the military, such as offering pay commensurate with service, removing incompetent personnel, and promoting capable young men to posts of greater importance. They also set forth proposals regarding logistics organisation. A new rationality and clarity marked, for example, the reform project in the military hospital in Corfù , near the city gates of San Nicolò.

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