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Salt Magistracy
a magistracy established in 1428, it inherited the jurisdiction of other medieval institutions, and enjoyed full authority over the maritime salt trade, control of contraband, and tax collecting. The magistracy was also endowed with broad powers of inspection on both land and sea territories
place where salt was obtained, by means of evaporation or circulating sea water in vats or compartments. Salt-works also served as storage areas for the salt itself
sea dominion
term referring to the whole complex of the maritime territories subject to the Serenissima, whose boundaries (ranging from Cyprus to Candia, and Corfù to Morea) were constantly shifting and soon dramatically diminished. Istria and Dalmatia were also fundamental parts of the sea dominion
general term indicating the Republic of Venice
fortified centre of the island of Candia
small galley
known as a 'fusta', this was slim light ship, with 18 to 22 oars per side, a single mast, and 2 or 3 guns
fortified site located to the extreme north-east of the island of Candia
State Inquisitor
a magistracy made of three Venetian noblemen, which came to acquire extraordinary power in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Their job was to safeguard the security of the state from individuals or groups which threatened it. This was therefore a mission of involving diplomacy, spying, and repression
term used to indicate the organisation of the militia (see 'cernide')
Venetian fortress placed in a bay to the north-west of the island of Candia

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