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Family virtues




Cartography also serves as an occasion to illustrate the valour of an enterprising patron at an important battle - or even his mere presence at the event. Hence we find the coat of arms of the Mocenigo family in the upper right corner of a map celebrating the efforts of the Venetian fleet to recover several fortresses occupied by the Turks in the gulf controlled by Suda  in 1660. One family member stands out in particular: Domenico Mocenigo, Captain of the Galleasses .

In much the same way the 'Carta topografica dell'Isola' ('Topographic map of the island') included in the 'Relatione di tutto il Regno di Candia' ('Report of the Entire Kingdom of Candia', 1629-1630) by Francesco Basilicata bears the coat of arms of the Giustinian family in the upper left, also depicted in its illuminated binding. The whole report is dedicated to Pietro Giustinian, the General Captain of the Kingdom, in whose entourage Basilicata had been sent to the Levant.

We come across other illustrations of warrior epics and individual feats in different depictions dating back to the war of Candia , such as the coat of arms of the families of Zorzi Morosini and Alvise Mocenigo, which accompany the lively portrayals of Giacomo d'Andrea and Filippo Verneda in some important episodes from 1648, 1649 and 1661.

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