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large high-sided galley that was especially popular in the late sixteenth to the early seventeenth centuries, it had three Latin masts and three orders of artillery, and could hold up to 1,200 men
high-sided galley, raised at the bow and stern, capable of carrying up to 30 large and 30 small cannons, with 4 masts, two square and two Latin
galley (light galley, heavy galley)
a long, narrow and low ship, with a lateen sail, provided with all the energy the number of oars could furnish (up to 180). It was first adopted in the ninth century, and for the entire modern age would remain the principal ship of the Mediterranean. It was usually 50 m long, 7 m high, and the crew might total up to 500 men. Galleys were named after places ('marsigliana, zarattina'), after noble families in Venice ('Trona', Marcella', 'Moceniga') or after the goods that they transported
galley captain, 'sopracomito'
naval position, usually the first position given to young patricians, and thus connected with smaller-dimensioned ships
gastaldo ('steward') of carpentry
the corporate structure of artisan possessed a rigid internal division in each sector, and a severely hierarchical organisation. The steward was a sort of secretary of such an organisation
General Captain of the Infantry (also known as General Commander of the Infantry, or Commander of the Infantry)
the highest organisational position in the land militia
General Sea Captain (also known as General of the Sea, 'Capo da mar', and Captain of the Sea)
the greatest active military position of the navy, it was generally conferred on members of the Venetian nobility
Governor of the Ordinances
a military position entrusted with superintending the entire range of troop training and organisation. It should be remembered that the duties and definitions of such military denominations could change greatly with time
fortified outpost situated on the north-west border of the island of Candia
Greek Orthodox Pope
a figure of central importance in the hierarchical organisation of the Greek Orthodox church
Gulf Captain
high position of naval responsibility which was conferred in case of war to very high-ranking patricians, as in the war for Candia

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