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from the thirteenth century onwards, the Arsenale was the centre of shipbuilding in the city, both in times of war and peace. It played this role throughout the entire reign of the Serenissima
administrative and military centre on the island of Cephalonia, which served as temporary headquarters for the Venetian Provveditore sent to the area
Artillery Administrator (Provveditore sopra l'artiglieria)
a magistracy composed of 3 Venetian patricians which established its own identity in the late sixteenth century, with powers that also extended to criminal jurisdiction over time. Their sphere of competence ranged from planning and union of the artillery, to the artillery's assignment to fleets and fortresses, and shooting practice
administrative and military centre of the island of Cephalonia, which became increasingly important as an arms and munitions deposit, and as a military concentration site from the sixteenth century onwards

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